Public Sector

Work in the public sector and need to hire equipment for an event, catering and more? Find out how we can help your department today at Expo Hire Yorkshire.

The public sector makes up a large percentage of the UK economy, and as an extension the work that we do. It's very different to the commercial sector, with additional needs and ways of doing things. We work with local authorities, educational establishments and hospitals up and down the country. From the glamour and excitement of providing the equipment for election nights in large municipal halls and school proms, to the additional catering equipment needed in hospitals and examinations in universities.

We have a dedicated public sector team covering Yorkshire who understand the paperwork needed to become an approved supplier, the joys of waiting on purchase order numbers and the times when you need something tomorrow but the paperwork wont be ready until Thursday.

As a Birmingham based business we're also really excited about 2022 and the coming Commonwealth Games. We're working closely with local authorities, police forces and venues to ensure that Birmingham 2022 is the best Commonwealth Games ever.

We've listed some of the events we've been involved with below. Please contact us at for further information or guidance.

University and School Examinations - We have ongoing contracts to supply schools and universities up and down the country with exam desks and chairs. Service includes set up and take down, leaving your staff free to concentrate on something else. As well as removing the need to store huge amounts of furniture which only get used 3 weeks a year.

Hospitals and Care Homes - We have catering equipment in numerous hospitals and care homes, adding much needed extra capacity when services are stretched.

Local Authorities - Everything from elections to Christmas markets, and countless other events in between